Gidyon Thompson is a brilliant dream interpreter and a brand story teller. With almost a decade involvement in clarifying, developing, and activating brands across Africa.

Regarded as Africa’s fastest rising Brand solutionist, Gidyon Thompson has been actively involved in crafting political campaign brands, as well as consulted for quite a number of start up founders.

In fact, using his masterclasses series, Gidyon Thompson have trained over 250 startup founders on brand basics and brand marketing.

He commits his day to running Eikon Grae, a brand development and communications consultancy which he founded with presence in 3 countries and with operations in 14 industries.

As a full time brand consultant for ABiT Mobile Applications Limited, Gidyon Thompson developed and deployed the first ever Bitcoin conference in Dubai.

He is the author of a fantastic guide to brand naming titled ”put some respek on my name” and developer of ”Simple Flow” a brand development project management guide as well as the author of Zero Budget Branding, an amazing expose for challenger brands to toople leading brands.

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